Yedo Gibson - reeds  

Nora Mulder - piano 

Renato Ferreira - double bass 


  Trolleybus takes its own musical route, and plans its path along the most wonderful vistas. The vehicle seems to be free, as its tracks are not laid down, as they would be for a tram. But, it is, almost imperceptibly, attached to an overhead wire. This wiring consists of the arsenal of sounds and techniques Trolleybus's three members (pianist Nora Mulder, saxophonist Yedo Gibson and bassist Renato Ferreira) have taken along from their respective musical backgrounds. Thus the worlds of contemporary composed music and improv blend into a whole, and the roles the band members take up may change with the capriciousness of a kaleidoscope. A saxophone may easily turn into a percussion instrument, or the double bass may take up the lead, as if it were a singing voice, in producing a melody that is as beautiful as it is unexpected. From the tranquility of the tiniest sounds Trolleybus may erupt into a deafening hurricane of sound. And in this use of dynamics there is drama and theatricality. It is then only a small step to idiosyncratic, playful and absurd music theater.

"creative, imaginative and above all hilarious.....not often can you experience these sort of evenings"(De Volkskrant, Tim Sprangers)

"A story based on sound that stimulates the fantasy. The listener can go in all directions and will never be bored." (Jazzenzo, Erno Elsinga)

"This game results  in "Non Dondolarsi"  (= Do Not Swing) - a CD comprising 4 tracks containing 30 minutes of amusing and musically outstanding improv. " (Kwadratuur, Koen van Meel)

"It's an evening where you conclude with satisfaction that nothing stops this damned strange music.", Peter Bruyn