Yedo Gibson - reeds 

Oscar Jan Hoogland - electric clavichord

Gerri Jäger - percussion 


EKE* takes off from free improvisation. This method, in which creative process and sound result coincide, results in a thrilling on the edge experience for both audience and performers. Each player has his own voice in the counterpoint, employing a highly individual musical language that through intensive playing is sharply attuned to the group. Aware of contemporary conceptions EKE focuses on reshaping free improvisation using elements of noise, jazz, 20th century composed music and punk. The result is a dynamic, forward-moving and anarchic audio experience, featuring fresh instant compositions, broad contrasts in length, dynamics and texture, driving rhythms and high energy. 

The three band members met in Amsterdam and played for the first time together in September 2007. From the first moment it was obvious that this was not a one-night stand. The flexible trio setting felt right and musical universes expanded. EKE set about playing and developing, including collaborations with the Boucalee Ensemble, and Yedo Gibson's Royal Improviser's Orchestra. Concerts followed at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, Utrecht Jazz Festival, dOeK Festival, the Loft in Cologne (Germany), and the ZomerJazzFietsTour, culminating in a big tour in Brazil last summer.