Yedo Gibson- Reeds;Antonio Panda Gianfratti- percussion;Renato Meganha- reeds and double Bass;Rodrigo Couve Montoya- shamisen and acoustic guitar; Thomas Rohrer- reeds and rabeca


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       ABAETETUBAis a brazilian indigenous name (Tupi-Guarani) that means a gathering of good people. 


      In 2003 Yedo and Panda was probably half of the free improvisers if not the only ones in Sao Paulo (21.000.000 people city in Brazil).



            Yedo that was a young and active musician in Brazilian music and jazz, started to have sessions with Panda in 2000 and then recorded some Cds with him, together this duo found out a different way to make music, in principle they thought that they were the first one to make this music as they had no information what so ever from what was going on in Europe or USA.

       It was really a surprise to be confronted later with music of Rashied Ali and John Coltrane and later Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, Lol Coxhill, Han Bennink, Bary Guy, Marcio Mattos and other improvisers from all over the world.

      Later in 2004 Yedo had some of his students (Renato Meganha and Couve Montoya) interested in "free music" it was from this point that he decided to create the groupABAETETUBA, with a lot of impulses and incentives from Yedo and Panda and almost daily rehearsals, soon this talented musicians became extremely interesting improvisers showing their own voices and particular ways to make music.

      A year later when the group was solider and they could all make music without having a teacher and student relationship as the students were already independent musicians, Yedo decided that it was time to go to Europe were he met all these musicians that he andABAETETUBAwere listening to together in Brazil and had then the opportunity to play with other musicians and exchange experiences and concepts.  

     ABAETETUBA, at the same time Yedo was gone, gained a new partner Thomas Rohrer, A Swiss's musician that was already living in Brazil for fil years and had a lot of experience in the field of improvised music, Later Meganha moved to Amsterdam were he is playing again with Yedo. Couve went to London were he is spending most of his time playing with Marcio Mattos that have been also playing withABAETETUBAas a special guest. 


      So even with this huge distance the group is still getting together and playing quite often as Yedo goes to Brazil.

      This February 2009 They will be touring all together in Europe for the first time,ABAETETUBAwill be playing in Madrid, Amsterdam, Den Haag and London.